Sonopath Interpretation Protocol

  • In general, this is what needs to be submitted in order to get a full, diagnostic interpretation:
    • Submit 3-4 second video clips in DICOM format of every organ/organ system, with 4-5 clips at different angles interrogating any areas of pathology.
    • Stills are only recommended for kidney measurements, adrenal measurements and mass measurements.
    • Videos provide our specialists with much more diagnostic information (they are actually composed of 120 still images).
    • DICOM format allows the specialists to manipulate the videos/images to emphasize any aspect they need to - providing them with images that are much clearer than what you see on your machine.
    • JPG format does not allow for this.  
    • In addition, DICOM format allows for the images to be annotated for your report which adds a ton of value to what you receive.
    • File sizes of 500mb or less for a single cavity, 800mb or less for a double cavity.
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  • * STAT & Afterhours based on specialist availability
  • *General turnaround time for Rad/CT/MRI/Ortho cases is 24 hours. However, due to fluctuating caseloads and radiologist availability, reports can occasionally take up to 48 hours. Therefore, a 48-hour turnaround expectation should be set with your pet owners for all TeleRad cases.


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*Please email with any questions you may have regarding your case submittal. This email is monitored 7 days a week, but intermittently after hours. We will respond to you ASAP.