What other types of educational telemedicine™ services do you provide besides the traditional report?

  • Email only:
    • Informal quick summary of what is going on with the case – the “nuts and bolts”. Can be sent via voice memo or written email. Just gives a direction on the case and where you need to go with it. 
    • For example - "lymphoma, multi centric. may be involving the spleen and liver. recommend FNA of lymph node, spleen and liver. “
  • QC Evaluation:
    • Brief instructional/educational voice memo or written email with no diagnostics. Designed for a quick refinement of technique when you are just missing a few details.
    • For example – “kidneys are vertical, bring the tail of the probe cranial or go intercostal to flatten; you are missing complete adrenals because you are approaching them obliquely; refer to our No Adrenal Left Behind educational campaign for adrenal approaches”
  • SonoPodcast:
    • 10-15 minute in-depth video of one of your scans with voiceover; detailed technique evaluation and recommendations.
    • Critique designed to give specific direction on improving scanning technique for those who are missing essential views completely or who need assistance in multiple areas of their scanning.
    • May be requested with or without a written diagnostic report. Good to do once monthly to ensure maintenance of and improvements to skills.
  • For an extensive list, click here to browse all of the ultrasound educational services SonoPath offers.
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Email Support info@sonopath.com
  • Sunday - Saturday8am - 8pm


  • RoutineWithin 24 Hours
  • STATWithin 2-6 Hours
  • * All hours listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • * STAT & Afterhours based on specialist availability
  • *General turnaround time for Rad/CT/MRI/Ortho cases is 24 hours. However, due to fluctuating caseloads and radiologist availability, reports can occasionally take up to 48 hours. Therefore, a 48-hour turnaround expectation should be set with your pet owners for all TeleRad cases.


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm
  • Monday - Friday (STAT)
    *Dr. Lindquist & Dr. Daniel Only
    8am - 8pm
  • Saturday & Sunday (STAT)8am - 6pm
  • DACVIM (Cardiologist)
  • Monday (STAT)8am – 4pm
  • Tuesday – Friday (Routine and STAT) 8am – 4pm
  • * Routine cases submitted Friday will be read the following Tuesday


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm
  • Monday - Friday (STAT)Upon email request/based on radiologist availability
  • Radiologist RAD, CT, MRI & Orthopedic Ultrasound
  • * Cases submitted on Friday are not guaranteed to be read until Monday


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm

*Please email info@sonopath.com with any questions you may have regarding your case submittal. This email is monitored 7 days a week, but intermittently after hours. We will respond to you ASAP.