Instructions to Upload a Case

To Get Started:

1. Visit our SPA Website:
Select "Interpretation Type", then choose your "Specialist" and the "Request Type" (Routine or STAT)
2. Enter "Sender Information" and "Patient Information"
3. To upload your files, simply drag and drop your files into the uploader box or click "Add Files" to open a finder window
4. If you are sending DICOM images from your radiology station's IP address. (not ultrasound images), check the "DICOM Users" box
5. Please be sure to enter the "Total # of Files Uploaded" to allow our specialists to confirm they've received your entire image set
6. Once all of your files have been added to the uploader, click "Start Upload"
7. After the files upload and ALL of your case information is completed, please click "Save"
8. You will receive an auto email to confirm your case has been submitted and then you will be redirected to a confirmation screen where you'll be assigned a case number and given the option to "Click Here to Upload Another Case"

Helpful Tips:

** We've added a new field "Notes to Specialist". This information WILL NOT show up on your report so feel free to use this space to communicate any vital comments/notes on this case.
** We will do our best to accommodate your specific specialist request, but if the selected specialist is not available, we will forward it to the next available specialist.
** All after hours requests require PRIOR approval before sending. Please email to check availability